The Bolt Action Platformer Kit is a complete set of Platformer Macros built totally with Bolt. Easily customize this kit to develop your platforming needs.

Coming soon! (Just finishing up the documentation for release! Will be submitting this to the asset store 1/8/20)


  • Precise 2D Kinematic Controller
  • 22 Unique Template Macros (Includes Player Movement, Ladders, Moving Platforms, Melee Weapons, Parallax Objects, Scene Transitions & more)
  • Demo scene with 8 Unique Macro Uses including (Player Dashing, Enemy Patrolling, Springs)
  • Action Man and Skellyboy sprites!

In Development:

  • 2D Aiming
  • Projectile Logic
  • Ropes with Grappling and Swinging
  • Smart Camera Controller


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Really loved this. hope you keep working on it

thank ya! 


The game makes good use of a minimalist art style. Much of the art is made of words. Reminds me a little of Typoman

I won! I had fun! I like the idea of having the text be the art.

Love it, fantastic game well made, awesome track. Feels really nice to play.

That's excellent! Thank you so much!