A downloadable game for Windows

Test the latest Deathballer Inc. product. Makers of favorite death-balls like  "The Fireball" and "Planet Earth".

Built for PC VR in a week for the 2020 Epic Mega Jam GameJam by Kelly Ray J.

Tested only on the Oculus Rift S.

VR Expansion Plugin / Itween Plugin / Collected Random SFX over the years

Music By Eric Matyas - Soundimage.org


KellyRayJ_DeathBallerInc.zip 236 MB


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Game with fun mechanics, especially the grapin or rolling system. The graphics and music are beautiful too.
The voice volume is a little too low (and SFX little too high). I could'nt recenter in game (had to restart to be in front of buttons). It misses a more driven/objective-oriented story, and the relation with the theme is not obvious.