The Bit-Droid Rebellion is underway. You hold the last Bit-Caster. Slay the droids and make it to the city before it’s too late!...

The Last Bit-Caster was a collaboration between the faculty and students at Wichita State University for the 2019 Brackeys Game Jam.

Change Log: Uploaded a WebGL build

‘WASD’ - Move

‘Left-Click’ - Fire / Aim

‘Esc’ - Pause


Kelly Ray Johnson

Jared Goering

Richard Moon


Devin Harbin (

Environment Art:

Eric Baughman

Michaela Marioni

Angel Lopez

Tim Babb

Enemy Art:

Daniel Johnico

Kaleb Knoettgen

Austin Branson


Samantha Cosgrove

Anthony Garza

Masara Al-Sharieh


Download 56 MB
Download 53 MB


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This game is so visually pleasing. The controls were a little clunky for me. I always felt like I was being dragged to the center of the screen and it wasn't a natural movement to the outer parts of the screen.  Love the little twist at the end. Was a little repetative but overall what a great achievement for 1 week. Awesome work.